Course Maps

The flooding in Bastrop State Park on Memorial Day 2015 literally washed away a portion of the Burning Pine Run course. We love our park, the Bastrop community and this race so we have devised a new course that will allow the Burning Pine Run to continue! These courses are a little flatter (faster) than the loop, but we have tried to incorporate some of the hills Bastrop State Park is so well known for. Please note, the 2016 course is not USATF certified.

Course description:

-Start in the parking lot near the pool (5K starts at stop sign, 10K starts closer to pool).
-Turn right onto Park Road 1A (toward the cabins)
-Turnaround/water stop at wide point in the road about halfway between lake and cabins
-Veer right to run past Park Headquarters to front entrance
-Turnaround/water stop at Park entrance
-Continue on 1A, staying right at Y intersection
– 5K turnaround/water stop at intersection with maintenance road
-10K continues down the hill, turning around at trailhead parking (water stop at turnaround)
-Finish remains the same as previous years

Course maps coming soon!